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Gevera G35

Gevera boats is a company working on design and construction of luxury motor boats and yachts which would meet the requirements of even the most demanding owners. Our vision is to establish a high level brand with progressive and recognizable design and technical characteristics. We aspire to achieve high performance, maneuverability and reliability.

After much effort and hard work, we finalized design and drawings for our first boat model, Gevera G35, ultimate tender and daily cruiser. It stands out with its aggressive design, strong materials and components. The special emphasis was laid on high performance, maneuverability and reliability.

The front part is dominated by aggressive stainless steel bow which will be an essential detail of each Gevera boat. Particular emphasis is placed on the anchor and anchor mechanism. Anchoring mechanism rotates forward and while anchor is used it is in direct contact with the steel bow. This solution is a modern interpretation of the anchor element with a steel protecting shield present in many boats and yachts. The combination of centrally placed cockpit with steering wheel, compass and anchor as Gunpoint allows skipper precise maneuvering. An important element is carbon fiber hard top which protects Master throne. Rear is dominated by two large exhaust tops. Rear sundeck has a pillow with prominent tailcoat. Functional upper hinge extends on the entire length of the boat sides and protects from water spray. Teak handrails are placed along inner sides of the boat.

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